my 13.5 ohlins/dungey replica

20131009_161027 (2).jpg20131009_161027 (2).jpg20131010_140253.jpg

oops with the double pic!but that's my new baby!

Nice! Put a 250 motor in it and ill be happy! :)

thanks factorye! I will try n get ya some action shots! the bike is sic, I had the 13, and got a great deal on the dungey bike, that I couldn't pass up

That is a great looking bike! Good luck with it.

Looks great Rob!  I am really digging mine!  Still sorting out a few things but swapping out the gear 14/52 gearing for 13/50 was a biggy for me.  Made it far more usable for the places I am currently riding.  Really bummed that KTM or Acerbis doesn't make the slick moto type plastic skid plate they offer for the 250/350...they only offer the "offroad" one which looks kinda goofy to me.  I know it is only a skid plate but I love the way to bike looks and hate to stick that thing on there.  Could go aluminum....maybe one of the those slick Carbons like the factory boys get!  Lol!  THe BTO bikes have a really cool looking one that would help.  

Looks awesome Rob!.Its like bike porn. Cant wait to get you old takeoffs for my build.

I assume that you swapped out the akro for the FMF slip on as it does not look like a powerbomb or megabomb header.  If so, did you ride it with the akro before swapping?  If you did, what is the performance difference? Thanks.

Rob always has sick bikes.


Bike looks good!

thanks sun! how have u been? tex me or call I lost my phone and lost all my contacts

MXboy2661:  Did you happen to see the question about your FMF exhaust as compared to the Akro that comes on the 13.5 dungey bike.  Interested in your feedback if you did ride the bike prior to the swap.  Appreciate any insight.

sorry moto119. the akro , isn't bad if u uncork it. its actually just as corked up as the stock 13 450sxf silencer. if you look in previous threads I had a full yosh system on my 13 450 sxf. that was very good. I don't believe the akro they sell with the f/e bikes is there good pipe they offer. its not really compareable to the yosh or fmf , not at all. my buddy has a 13.5 dungey bike and we ride togeather , he just put the slip on his bike and I think its actually better than the full yosh. the power is amazing!now im wondering how much better it would be with the mega bomb header. My next present to myself is gonna be a vortex ignition. it comes with 10 different maps, very nice! overall this bike is truly amazing!, the ohlins really makes this bike shine, cause its got an amazing motor, Im just not a fan of wp at all. ive had the ohlins all year and its the best stuff ive ever ridden with. ive only made a couple clicker changes since getting it. The wp would drive me crazy, everytime I would get a good setting, and then go to another track I would have to start all over again. yes the ohlins was expensive at first, but I never have to pay for a revalve again, sold my wp stuff, and every new bike I get I ll just swap the suspension out. to me its priceless!

Thanks man.  I have the 13.5 FE also and I have taken the restrictor cone out of the akro pipe and have changed the gearing to the 13/50.  Yeah still working with the clickers on the stock suspension but will likely go the revalve route and maybe the xtrig clamps.  But I do plan to go with the FMC 4.1 with the megabomb so your info on the performance diff is timely.  Appreciate it.

moto119, my friend has the same bike as us, got a great deal on an ohlins shock, hasn't valved the forks yet, but running it back to back it made worlds of a difference. that's a less expensive route with pretty dramatic results. whats great by me I have 3 buddys with the same bikes n where constanly trying different things.

Maryland isn't to far from us, u outta come up, r riding area is nothing short of amazing. its on vital mx all the time.

Send me the details.  Always looking for new places to ride and would be awesome to actually experience some of the upgrades you guys have made and help figure stuff out.

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