help! having oil issues. 12 kx450

I just switched from royal purple 10-40 to belray synthetic 10-40. I put 950cc of oil in an started the bike an let it sit an I have not been able to see any oil at all in sight....also once I turned the choke off it was constantly spitting some oil out overflow hose, it has always dripped from there on e I cut bike off but never noticed it while bike is running, but once I cut it off it only drips a few drops then stops, anyways, is 950cc to less of oil?

I always put a strate 1 litre in mine when changing oil filter or not and I most of the time get oil dripping from that pipe when shutting the bike of but its normal I think and I never ever need to use my choke mate 3 kicks max to start every time in gear or not

Should the overflow tube constantly be blowing air out ofi t?

Just started bike up, was fine for a minute then it spit oil out, started her bsck up an she didn't leak any oil but if I blip the throttle the bike bogs?

Yeah air does come out its just of the compression of the bike should def not be bogging mate with it being efi you need to make sure no dirt gets in your tank ride the bike pretty hard as soon as u can n see if it bogs when riding if so clean the filter on the fuel pump in the tank also do you have to use your choke to start????

No I can start it without choke on, I washed this bike this morning but it ran fine right after, man I really wanted to go riding tomorrow, can't figure out why its bogging, cleaned air filter an still does it

Fuel pump in the tank mate mite need cleaning ....was it ok before u washed it

Yes bike ran perfect. I'll kook up how to clean it. Thank u

Take ya tank of n then Just undo the bolts on the pump on bottom of tank n it cums rite of n clean it ....just make fire you locktite the bolts when putting bit bk in becose it could leak ok mate

Invest in a drop in filter bag too, keeps ton's of shit out of the tank.

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