The edlebrock

So I know a lot of you have said the carb is junk but I'm looking for any info I can on it. 05 sm Athena bb not sure on size 5k mi in atlanta. Bike ran fine had a spudder occasionally but nothing bad. Rode it this morning and it dropped out in 3rd a few times and then just went out wide open in 5th. Thought I needed gas still can't get it to go plenty of juice so not the battery. I'm guessing it's just gunked up and I'll have to pull it any feed back whatsoever would be appreciated thanks guys. Got a mechanic who can look at it but the more info I have the better

Assuming you have spark (check that first) pull the carb and clean it real good, look for clogged jets.... I've never seen an edelbrock so I can't help with specifics

Do you use a fuel filter? Is gas making it into the carb?

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I have only seen 1 Edlebrock carb.  Everybody hates them.  It didn't seem that bad to me.  Sorry can't help.

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