Help Please! Honda cr 125 weak Spark!

Hi everyone, i have a honda cr 125 1999 and its never been right for more than 4 months, Recently i have just have to tackle the problem of no spark with my bike, i was riding and it just stopped sparking, I fitted a brand new stator, Still nothing, so i got a mechanic to look at it and he has replaced the spark plug and cdi unit, he said the cdi was shot, it was off a honda cr 125 1997-1998, now i have a spark but its weak as hell, i can hold the damn plug with nothing but a slight tickle.. and it inly sparks once with a big kick, I disconnected the stop switch and checked all the wires and still a slight spark, i rung the guy and he said he will drop of a ignition coil tomorrow to see if that was the problem,

I thing it could be the coil but also i was wondering could it be the flywheel because there is a slight gap that looks way to far apart between the magnet on the flyweheel and the stator, I dont now what else it could be, i need this bike fixed so i can sell it its been nothing but trouble,

Key notes, New CDI, New spark Plug, New Stator, Full engine rebuild wth seals done as well just before it stopped sparking, Need help so much, i am only 17 and i have quite a vast knowlage or mechanics but not electrics :/ Help would be much appreciated, I have owned the bike for 2 years and never been able to have a good long ride on it for problems arising..


Have you went through and checked all the wires and connections? Ive seen bikes wires and cables get either melted or rubbed through.. and with a fresh rebuild maybe something was ran wrong and may be a hard to see area, i know it sounds way to simple but sometimes it is

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