Foot peg options.

My KX 250 has one bent footpeg. I like the stock pegs okay but if I need to replace the one should I just find a good used one or should i look at some after market pegs? if so what do you guys recommend that are not gold lined... :rolleyes:


Thank guys.

I'd look at some ProTapers. The pegs they have are (in most cases) perfect for track and trail. (depends on what set you buy.) The only thing that erks my chains is the price. Look around and compare some prices along with the durability of other brands. Good luck man!!! :D

depending on the year of your bike, i may have a deal for you! i just scored a set of pro taper pegs on ebay, but then i bought a ktm yesterday, so now the kx is up for sale. its an 03, and it didnt say in the ebay listing, but im pretty sure these are the titanium pegs. havent got them in the mail yet.

yeah Its a 2000

I like my IMS pro pegs. They stay sharp. Are stainless and keep my feet planted. Like being stuck to Velcro.

Are the IMS the same size as stockers? i like the stock pegs okay and never had any issues keeping my boots on them. I just want to replace because the one is slightly bent. i may just take it off and heat it up and straighten it out. Really not going to pay big $ for any. I was looking at some from a late model KXF and look like they could be modded to fit. 2000.

Thanks to my brother HolyKaw810 I no longer needs footpegs.... :thumbsup:

It was good  to see you my brother. I would love to be able to get together and do some riding.  :ride:

IMS super stocker at RMATV for $70. More bigger. More better for me. 

+1 for ims!

On my 2001 KX 250 I put on the tusk billet begs for a KXF. A little grinding and KXF peg springs.

I like them a lot!


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