A friend was killed on Larch Mountain, Jones Creek on Friday


Sorry for your loss, guns_equal_freedom. 

Very sad news and sorry for your loss. My friend was up there when this happened and rode up to the scene shortly after the police showed up. It is always horrible news to hear about when we are doing something we all love so much. The article didn't say much about him, other then he was from Kalama. Please pass along my condolences to the family.

Condolences to the family and friends.

Sorry for your loss. Did he hit a tree or have a heart attack or something? People always raz me about not riding street but rather stay riding dirt because its "safer"

His wife told me he launched off a jump and got sideways, lost it and hit a tree.

His buddy was in front of him and didn't know what had happened.


He did the typical stop and wait and then turn around to see what happened.


Clinton Carrico was his name.

I met him through the WAC gun shows, he was an FFL dealer.

He cut me a smoking deal on an ACOG.


Great guy to know.

I was headed over here to post a thank you to anyone who may have been involved in getting EMS into us at Jones Creek, and found this thread from Joe.


There were several bystanders and a couple DNR guys helping us get EMS to the trail. If your on here thank you for helping in this time of crisis. Because of your help EMS was able to get right in to us in what seemed to be an incredibly quick timeline and staying with us to make sure we were alright also.


Clinton was a loving husband, a Army Veteran, a good man, and my best friend. Although one of the worst days of my life I am thankful that he was doing something he loved to do, and I was able to share that ride with him. I am not sure how to pick up the pieces from here, but I am a better man having known him most of my life.


Thanks for everyone's support. It means a lot to everyone on this end. Be safe out there.


Rest in peace bro...



ETA: Joe it was not my intention to rain on your thread. I have always enjoyed your company and I appreciate your spreading the word. All of Clinton's friends and family are in my thoughts. Good looking out...

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Condolences brother.

Although one of the worst days of my life I am thankful that he was doing something he loved to do, and I was able to share that ride with him.


Strength to you and his family during this difficult time. 

My Condolences to his family and friends. May he ride on in peace.

Really sorry to hear this Guns, my condolences to you and the family.

All my best to the family and condolences too. Ride in piece!

God Speed!

Rest in peace


Thoughts and prayers to the family.

Yes, condolences to the family and friends.

not to be weird or anything. but where was it at?  i ride there all the time,  i was up there sat. and saw some yellow tape on a un marked trail, as you come to the end of the b-trail, cross the road and do that lil hill climb. by the gravel pit.


i venture the trails past the radio tower,  and didnt see any new tracks. 




sorry for your loss, condolences to the family and friends.

Godspeed, and condolences.

In some aspects it seems like its been a life time since we spoke, but it also feels like we were tearing up the dirt yesterday. Lost but never forgotten...


Everyone be safe out there...

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