Kx 250 no spark

Hey guys I have a 2000 kx 250 im working on and it was just rebuilt from bottom to top, and now I don't have spark. It had spark when the main rod bearing seized, so idk why it would change? I swapped the ignition(black box) and the coil from my other bike that runs perfect. And it made no difference. So I'm down to the stator and voltage regulator. I don't have a manual for the bike so I was wonder if any of you guys know what the ohms reading are supposed to be? Or any other ideas to try?

Thank you


unplug  the kill switch.

The kill switch was the first thing I tried. But I found the problem. Its a friends bike and when he rebuilt the motor, he didn't put the wouldruf key in the flywheel. But also the main thing that he did was he hit the stator windings with a flat head screw driver! And broke some of the wires on the windings Why I don't know but he did lol... so I found out the problem.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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