Should I put pepper in my radiator?

06 yz450.  I just noticed I have a really small hole on one of the vertical ribs of my radiator, right next to the honeycomb part.  I tried to seal it with a little jb weld, it got better, but it still weeps a bit.  Ideally it would be on its way to Mylar's for proper repair, but Im really trying to ride tomorrow.  


Um, does the pepper trick really work?


Or, am I playing with fire if I ride 15 min motos (practice day) and just let it cool and top it off while the minis are out? 


I am really tempted to just keep a close eye on it tomorrow and send it out I being paranoid?



Hopefully no one tells me to crack an egg into my radiator.

Don't put pepper in the rad. It will just cause grief down the road. If you really need to ride and it doesn't leak that much just keep it toped up. Not sure where you live but if it's really hot out just remember fluid has a higher boiling point when it can be pressurized. You could also run the rad cap on the half closed position and it might not leak at all. If you have a temp gun that would help to tell you temps too! Good luck.

yea, Ill definitely send it out on monday but its getting cold in NY, so gotta make every weekend count from here on out.  I'm headed to raceway park in Jersey tomorrow, and temps look like they're in low 60's, so I think if I keep a close eye on coolant level, I can get away with 15 min sessions...


makes me super nervous tho

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