new to me 300

just picked this baby up last night! 09 300 xcw, stock other than gnarly pipe, handguards, skidplate, acerbis x-seat and suspension work.should be a nice step up from my 03 kx250 that ive set up for the woods!

plans are to add heated grips and a LED headlight, do the wet mod to the starter, change to a pirelli front and irc rear tire and maybe a tubliss setup when i can afford it.

cant wait to take it for a ride tomorrow!!ktm 300 oct 2013 3.jpgktm 300 oct 2013.jpgktm 300 oct 2013 2.jpg

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Congrats! Get to ridin her soon, as I;; bet that winter will soon be headed your way.

Nice looking ride!

took er for the maiden voyage today! love it already, totally different animal compared to my kx, will take a bit of getting used to! the electric starter only work once though, but so easy to start with the kicker, and so lug-able i only really stalled it when i was seeing just how low it will go haha. couple pluses and minuses compared to the kx:




hydro clutch

traction at low speed


ground clearance




doesnt jump as well (might just be me getting used to it, just seems to soak up the whole jump, rather than jump off it)

more lively/snappy motor in the kx (although i have the 300 tamed down with the map wire and power valve spring)


definetly a better bike for the type of riding i enjoy the most, and im sure with some tuning ill forget all about that kx haha (although its no slouch power-wise either)

Is that the one that was listed on Kijiji in Campbell River?

no i bought it from a guy in sooke. nice guy

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