TRX piston in my 04 crf450r

Its time for a new top end in my 04 450r supermoto. I want to use the trx piston because it has a 3rd ring and help cut down on losing oil to blow by. I've read about people using them in their 06+ bikes but can't find anything about older ones. Its the same diameter but I was wondering if the deck height and wrist pin size were the same

This would be interesting to know. I hope someone knows something

If your getting blow by and have gone through that many pistons it sounds like you need a new cylinder or need to get yours plated.

Red Bar Designs makes a CRF-R piston with three rings that does not weigh a ton or change compression.

I put a trx piston in our great zero oil consumption

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I have used 5 J.E. Pistons (single ring) on both an 03 and 08.  I  ball honed or scotchbrited the cylinder each time.  Break in was done under a load with conventional oil.  Then Honda moly HP4.  Never had any noticealbe oil consumption between 5 hr. oil changes. Something else is wrong.  Possibly valve seals?

Would be interesting to see,I'm runing trx valves in my 04 450r they wear a lot evenly then the old stock ones and are not as harsh as the stainless ones.holding up fine so far

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