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Clutch not engaging and I am Suxor the mechanic

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Good evening all,

Bit of a noob here and need some help, picked up and old (91) DR350 recently and it's begun to act up, and I am only making things worse. Rode it to work the other day and it starting making a terrible noise that I attributed to the valves.  Came hope set the clearances on the valves and went for a ride.  Everything was great for about 20 min, then the bike refused to idle.  I could pop start it (was traveling down hill, clutch in when it happened), and got a little further when i happened again.  When I went to kick start the bike the kick start level felt like it was bound up, with a little undo persuasion (mistake #1, but i had to get home) I was able to get the lever to move and rode the bike home.

Mistake number 2 comes today, when I pop the clutch cover off to see if there is anything broken\binding.  Well, there wasn't, but in my overeager state I disassembled  the clutch, and the went to far as to remove the basket entirely, to get a look at the gears behind it.  

Upon reassembly, I find the I cannot engaged the clutch, my internet sleuthing so far has turned up that I (suxor the mechanic) have most likely overtorqued every bolt i touched, these include the primary drive nut, and the clutch springs. (seriously 5 ft lbs!)

So, torque wrench in hand, I will be headed back in first thing in the morning and checking over everything. I wanted to ask you wise motorcycle sages if there is anything else I need to look for on my return trip.


After putting everything back together, the kickstart does not seem to be binding, odd as some troubleshooting with everything apart was pointing me back towards the top of the engine, so I doubt that problem is gone. 

be kind of wise motorcycle sages, I know this sounds stupid on my part (and it is) but I would rather make these mistakes on a $400 dr than anything else. 

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