Q for the Doc!

So, sometimes when I am riding, and I notice it most on tracks that get pretty choppy and you take a few hard hits here or there on square edges, I get what almost feels like a running cramp in my right side below rib cage, but a lil bit above waistline.  Feels a LOT like a running cramp. Today it happened faintly, but it was there. Then it went away, well I hit this hole a lil hard with front wheel, jarred me a lil, and it came right back but stronger feelin, so I got off the track.


I wear a kidney belt, but that doesnt seem to do much. I also only had a lil bit of water/food all day prior to this occurring so its not like I gorged and pounded a gallon of water and went out there, lol.


Not sure what could be causing it, or if I should go to a dr. or what. But it kills me out there cuz I usually just end up getting off when it happens. I mean was only practice today, but if it happened in a race thatd suck.



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I am not sure what this is. I would suggest you see the doctor. The answer will be found on the physical examination.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I will try to get in sometime soon, we start slowing down quite at bit at work as the fall wears on.

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