Theaded cam cap



Am after a bit of help if possible.  Went to adjust valves on my newly aquired 04 kx250f only to find one of the cam cap bolts have been over tightened and has threaded the hole (bolt is still ok though) 


Can anyone give me some advice on fixing this or am I going to have to rethread the hole. I am just worried that if I drill it out, ill end up dropping metal shavings into the valves.......



I would definitely take the head off if you're going to be drilling or tapping anything, just had mine apart a few weeks ago but never looked closely enough to know the best way to rethread it or what size you would have to go to.

are you saying the threads pulled from the head ?

You would need to do a helicoil on that. Most parts stores sell it in a kit form, drill bit, thread driver , helicols etc.

a good kit to have as lots of bolts on that bike are same size.

thread pitch is 1.25 and bolt size I think is 4mil.

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