Info wanted... Looking for d.s. For the wife...

My wife rides a 04 crf230f and does pretty good. She wants a plated bike. So, the thought is either a 2013 xt250 or trying to find a used crf230l. I'd like to plate the she has, but we are in ca so that's just a pain.

My big worry about the xt is that when she falls and yes she will, how will the metal tank hold up? I don't think anyone makes an aftermarket tank for the xt.

Any thoughts? Any other parts to worry about when she dumps the bike. By the way she won't dump it on the road just off road.


I think I'd go with the XT also. They're great little bikes and what was said , lots of goodies to personalize. I'm not sure if it'll be equal power wise but it may. Ebay would have replacement used parts for damaged pieces.

Depending on her skill level and leg length, perhaps you should consider finding her a WR250R. She won't out grow it like the others. If you get too low tech, sooner or later it is time to look again or interest is lost. The WR250R is an order of magnitude better than the others, and as veteran rider of over 45 years, I find it plenty for me. The soft power delivery off the bottom helps with newish riders, but the top end is there if you need it. Plus, it has real suspension. Granted, like all suspension, it needs to be adapted to the rider, but the good stuff is already there.


Something to consider. My wife finds the WRR spot on to her abilities, and she isn't at the same level as I am. A very reliable, tough, capable bike. It will go over 85 MPH stock under the right conditions, and there's a huge supply of items to mod how you want/need. She won't outgrow it, and it is a lot more bike. 


You can find mildly used ones in nice shape for great prices: I bought my 2008 used in 2009 for $4200.00 with 160 miles on it. Similar deals abound. Just fit a good bashplate ASAP. I use a Flatland model, but there are others. The water pump and electrics are begging to get whacked without one, and expensive lesson to learn.

I'd love to get her a wrr or a crf250l but she won't fit on them.  It sounded like I can get the crf lowered enough but not the wrr. Unfortunately I wasn't looking for height in a wife years ago:(

I have shrunk from having a 32" inseam to a 30 (fun getting old) and I have mine lowered enough to work very well. If you get a good deal on a used one, you can afford to have Race Tech shorten the bike correctly within the suspension components and still give great suspension action.

Keep it in mind. My associate makes me look tall, and he's had it with trying use bikes as they come. Its either a ladder or something so useless that its why bother. He's ready to get whatever he likes, and make the bike fit him. I think he's on the right track.

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