MEC race talk


Dungey looks really good tonight. Go Villopto!

Dungey looks really stupid tonight.

Forgot to take the Joker Lane in Moto 1.


Villipoto is ON IT! Looks like he never took a day off....

Looks like he shouldnt have punked out of the mxdn

Wow what a moron. Was watching live timing and scoring and see Dungey pop up with the checkers. Couldnt believe that one. Then it refreshes and it drops him 5 places. Didnt understand what that was about. How does he forget the joker? Lol!

Watching villipoto smack dungy upside the head after the race ended was PRICELESS

I love watching these Minis....some of those kids send it....  110' triple on a mini....

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The super mini guys are on the gas!

The super mini guys are on the gas!

Hell yes they are!

Better 2 watch than the pros

Holy crap would that hurt! That was the definition of casing it!

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WOW, just WOW!

Stewart out front!!!!

Super Minis are out there along with top amateurs, yet the so called fastest man on the planet Cairoli won't try. He knows he'll get his butt smoked.


JS7 1:07.7


Say what you want.  That lap...he was the best in the world...


and then RV does it

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Beautiful ride for Stewart!



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