Honda cr85rb coolant and transmission overflow problem

Hi, I have a cr85rb dirtbike. I purchase this bike about 2 weeks ago and it has sat for a long time. So when I brought it home I changed all of the fluids and changed the radiator due to the build up. And got every thing fixed with new hoses and every thing. So I finally got the bike riding and and I rode for about an hour and once I got home I noticed I was very low on coolant so I refilled and got ready to ride. After about 10 minutes of the bike warming up I noticed I was having some coolant coming out from the overflow and under the water pump and just thinking I put to much in I have it a couple of mid range rpms revs and out of nowhere my my overflow for my trans shot out a good amount of trans fluid and I let it cool and tried it again and it still happen. Please help I need answers:(

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