where to put the spokes on a moose rear rim on a xr650r hub?

My old rear rim has cracked & i have bought an 18" moose rim and spokes. There are two packets of spokes in the box. One lot is about 4mm longer than the other. Can anyone tell me where the longer ones & shorter ones fit in the hub?

there will be an Outside and inside spoke. The outside is normally longer.

The "outside" will put in from the center,,and the "inside" will put in from the outer.  Se'?

There are in some wheels a left\right Inside\outside.. 4 different spoke sets.

And.....on old huskys there are 5 different types on one rear wheel if I recall..yesh

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What he (scalejockey) said. Pull one inside and outside spoke from the same side and check the lengths. If that doesn't tell you try one from the other side of the wheel.

oops.....I just looked at my 650R . There will be only left and right spokes on this hub..

Just pull out each side to see the size..

thanks for that. i eventually worked out where to put them & how to ballance the rim. vids off utube were very helpfull. I couldn't measure any of the old ones as they were all seized. I had to cut them all off. i used my dial guage to get the rim right.

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