Easiest relatively cheap headlight to install on 400SM ?

How hard would it be for a complete noob to install a new headlight on a 400sm? I'm not a fan of how the stock one looks. Or are there any different headlights that the stock globe would fit in so it would not need to be rewired? What, in your opinion is the easiest, cheap (under $100) headlight to fit on the DRZ?

Thanks for the help.

brings up a questions from me... the klx450r.... the legit one is like what 120? or so for the whole kit and caboodle? there is a 30 dollar el cheapo from japan on ebay... although there have been reports of the cheapo melting? how would the cheapo do with an HID setup? also my friend said the cheapo's look on the bike is a little off from the actual legit one??? any input? 


to answer your question in my opinion for the look of the bike i would say the klx450r headlight is the way to go but as i said with the stock bulb its known to melt the plastic lense... 

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