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Kawasaki mojave 250 clutch problem

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Hi I bout a 2002 kawasaki mojave 250 and the clutch felt like it needed plates put the new clutch plates in and the clutch would not fully engage and it was really bad when it was cold I had to push it to get it to engage the gear I tried the play on the lever nothing adjustment next to the case nothing once the bike warms up real good it engages but it releases real late still so It ain't right the guy flipped it and said that the clutch was slipping after he had flipped it and it looks like the clutch lever is not the stock one, looks like they replaced could that have something to do with it? Idk I already put 100 on the plates please give me some advice on what it might be like I said I messed with the play on both the lever and next to the case and it was really bad when it was cold:/ once it warmed up it haul a** I turn it off for a minute and it cool off and it wouldn't engage fully again I'm hoping it has something to do with the wrong lever I love this quad when it is warmed up and going strong really easy to ride and turns easy I just dont want to end up dumping to much Money in to it I ordered the stock clutch lever already so we'll see. Its weird I've never seen a bike do that most the time just replace the plates:/

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