Noise from chain area?

I have a 2009 and am hearing a clattering from the chain area. The chain seams to be adjusted correctly so not sure if I could be a wheel bearing or worse the tranny. I seam to have all the power, snap and performance as always. Has anyone come across this problem?

Did you hear it before, or is this bike new to you and you are hearing something down there you are not familiar with.


Hearing some slap from the chain is not unusual.  While cruising at road speed on the pavement I hear mine all the time. I would check the chain slider and make sure it isn't worn out and in need of replacing.  But even then you will probably hear a little something.


Also, when was the last time you replaced the chain.  If it has a tight spot, that can create binding and a release that could make some extra noise.

You don't have a TM Design Works chain slider kit on it do you? Noticed the same with mine after fitting the kit. That's with a new chain and sprockets.

Thanks for the in put! I put the bike on the stand and spun the back wheel and it was loud. I then started the bike and put it in gear and feathered the throttle and it was even louder yet. The chain would kind of hang up or bind up every so often. The chain was very dry looking and a little loose. I did tight the chain a bit and sprayed a LOT of chain lube on it while it was turning.  The noise quieted down a lot. I think I should order a new chain soon.  I am riding this weekend and will see how it dose?

If the chain is binding and creating the noise, then it needs replaced.  You are riding on borrowed time until it breaks or causes other damage.  If you can't get anything soon, clean and lube the heck out of it.  Work the lube in to the links as much as possible and try to free up its movement.  I will assume the sprockets will also need changed and should be in any case when you throw on a new chain.

It is a Narrow chain Isn't it?

Chain slap is noisy on this bike,, when I 1st got it I thought it was fuel knock so dumped some race fuel in it, same.  


It's the hollow frame and swing arm resonating like a drum as the chain slaps the swing arm.  Chain tension, sprocket sizes, type of swing arm pad etc all can make it more or less.   Some of it is the bike is so quiet stock that you hear stuff like more.

The chain may need to be tightened some. My 450x gets a nasty and very loud slap if its too loose and I'm riding in a certain rpm range.

Try going a gear lower to keep the R's up if you are out and don't have the tools to adjust it.

A rough guide I use is my fingers-- I keep 3 fingers of slack between the chain and slider (assuming an o-ring chain that is warm and recently ridden). If chain is cold then keep in mind that it loosens a little after riding.

Another tip is this: You may notice that there is a small gap between the slider and swing arm. Much of the noise you hear is the slider hitting the swing arm after the chain hits the slider. Remove the slider and try to fill that void. I have seen people glue strips of inner tube, thin pieces of foam, etc.. They said it worked great. For me, I just keep the chain adjusted so that I don't get the dreaded slap! Hope this helps.

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