rm125 jug interchange years?

Hi there, hope some experts can weigh in here. Have a 1993 RM125, scarred the nikasil in the jug. I can have it sleeved cheaper, but theres two replacement jugs on ebay right now. One is 92. One is a 98. Says the 98 will fit down to 96. Cant find whats different, but dont wanna pull trigger on either till i know for sure. The 5 coolant passages look the same, and the powervalve looks the same, (not outta the bottom like older ones) but i have no clue whether the piston sizes were the same, or if i can just get the year piston for the year jug? Clearly i dont know. Hope someone does. Thanks in advance!




What do you mean by jug?

Nevermind. Im getting it sleeved

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