Calling all YZ325 owners...

Ok the bike has a built from cases up engine, esr 325, ectron 38mm long body, recluse z-start pro and it has so much torque it defies sense, not as much as a kx500, but be damned if it is far off, certainly would out tractor a KTM300 (I owned a tuned one for years, and ride them regularly, this will climb way better).

Anyway my issue, it feels "restricted"and the only thing I haven't played with is the powervalve, it is as sent, and I have a feeling it is on max preload, so has anyone started playing with theirs yet? and how far can I back the pre;load bolt off safely?


also what ign timing are you blokes running, cause I have a feeling a custom ign curve may be in the wind too....

do you know what the porttimings are ? mainly when the valve is open.  the ports might need some adjustment. unfortunatly i havent actually seen the 325 cylinder so i cant say for sure but if you have a competant 2t tuner in your area he would probly know

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