Cr 250 top shock bearing

Also for a crf 450 and crf 250

So i was sick of my top shock bearing/bush

Turning to dust and even when new having a ton of play in it

And after taking measurements fit soon came apparent you can replac it woth a standard skateboard whee bearing..

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382266864.301352.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382266898.053786.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382266917.584153.jpg

So i put two beari gs i and have had to make a

Bush similar to a penny washer on one side to get the width spacing good but for a fraction of the price i have taken a ton of play out of this and it genuinely feels better.

Any comments welcome

Two things I wonder about:


1) Was the original bearing a normal needle bearing, or a spherical bearing that allows a large range of angular movement?


2) Will the substitute bearing take the load put on it over time?

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You will ruin your shock! The upper bearing is angular for a reason. The frame, swingarm, shock shaft flex bend under load. The angular bearing is there to keep the shock out of bind. Bad idea take it out.

How many mm do you think the swingarm is going to bend.....

Take that through the pull rods..

And then that will run through the


There would be so so little

Movement less then 1 degree which

Wouldnt bother the new bearings

(Two running in series)

And how much flex do you think

Is in my frame???? Im not robbie maddison.

The original was a spherical bearing that could move through about ten-15

Degrees which is way over the top

And the new bearings are a skateboard bearing...

Will never rotate over 1 rpm

And think of the hits a solid skateboard wheel sends through to its. Metal trucks

My shock will be fine...

Interesting, my original lasted eleven years. New OEM replacement fit and works perfect. Hmmm.

Do it and report back.

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