Heavier spring

It feels like my suspension is too soft on the BRP. I am 6'2" and weigh 235lbs. It has been suggested I put a heavier rear spring set on the bike.

What spring set is recommended and where is the best place to pick one up? Anyone gone down this road before?

Thanks in advance,


Call Lindemann Engineering, ask for Jim Lindemann, he will tell you what you need after a brief discussion.


Just recently got a 11.5 Eibach rear spring for my BRP. Works great. Excellent service and best price.


A 10.5 kg rear with .47 kg front springs should be pretty close, but check with several shops as you might get some different opinions. The correct springs will allow you to properly setup both your static & race sag.

O-Yeah Bruce will get you set up on a spring chart and where to get it, I am 265lbs

In Utah, man you got some big rocks there. The forks springs are .47kg your right there if you ride easy or get air. The shock spring is a little more on how you ride or how much air 10.5 is what the chart say's. Lot's of air go 11kg. If you are going to do this yourself we have the help and with pictures otherwise have Rob Burnums do it....He is the Best. I think I do a great job and you can't beat my price but, he is the best and I don't do it for a living it doesn't pay enough just ask any one that does this for a living. Motorcylces are the big thing right now......when it passes (close down more riding spots and more and more rules) then all the the guy's that do the awesome job setting up our bikes will have to do something else and we will be sad. My point is support the good ones that care and do good busisness......Rob Burnums :)

stock spg

.43kg (for a 180pound person) / 9.2kg (for a 160 pound person)

Fork / Shock

springs / spring @ weight

Bike Stock

XR650R Spring

130mm Rates .43kg/ 9.2


.41kg/9.2 @ 160lbs .43kg/9.5kg @ 180lbs .45kg/10.0kg @ 200lbs .45kg/10.5kg @ 220lbs .47kg/11.0kg @ 240lbs .47kg/11.0kg or 11.5kg @ 260lbs .47kg/11.5kg @ 280lbs .49kg/12.0kg @ 300lbs


on my stock '93, stock, the forks needed help WAY worse than the rear shock. I realizie ride ht.(spring) and dampening are two different issues, but on big tabletops, the rear was fine but the front would bottom hard. I weigh 155 with gear. I have had the spring preload adjustment backed way out. It almost seems like the rear spring rate would be close, even for a heavier person, but the forks definitely need help.

Is this a XR600R? If my memory is right that bike has .39kg springs in the forks for a 140# person ans 9.4kg spring for the shock for that bike would be for a 160# person. I'll have to look if up.

Mine felt soft also but I ride cross country races w/mine,ended up with .47kg in front with gold valves and 11.5 rear Eibach springs.I ride it aggressively so this might not be for you.I weigh 205 You did say BRP right?

I ride fast desert stuff, and weigh 180 + gear.

Front is .45 Racetech springs with 110mm of 2.5 weight oil.

Rob Barnum re-worked the shims. Its awesome. As nice as the Team Honda set up, and considerably less cost.

I went with a Ohlins in the rear-only becouse my buddy cut me a smoken deal. One of these days I am gonna pay him for the thing...(thanks Ed!)....the Ohlins has a larger resevoir and so is less likely to suffer heat fade-helpful if you are Big Boy, or you run extra weight back there-i run a second fuel tank in the back once in awhile. Its also far more adjustable than the stock unit. The local Ohlins guy- Stig from Sweeden - is the coolest cat around. He's done some reworking on it and its plush.

-just my 2 pesos worth...

I bought a set of springs from Lindemann Engineering too. I have a 11.5 that I put on and removed it and put the stock one back in. If you want it I'll sell it for $60. It was just too stiff for my 200lbs. It's for the 650R.

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