Recommendation for a clutch/decompression lever on an XR650L

I am in the process of gathering parts for a kickstart conversion and manual decompression on an XR650L. Anyone have any recommendation for a clutch/decomp combination lever mount, preferably with a small decomp lever. I have an XR600R cable already so if it works with another setup that's great in not it no big deal.

I already have the complete donor engine and also the stock xr600r lever with cable but I won't to clean up the handle bars a little bit. The safety switch is unplugged and tied together out of the way and a mount for a mirror isn't necessary.


did u read the sticky above about adding a kick start and how the existing  auto decompress on the xr 650l

should be fine for the kick start conversion ?

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I removed the auto decompression device on the cam a long time ago because it was noisy.

I can't find the link, but someone used the mount from a CRF 250 or 450.  The hot start lever, only a finger width, was used to fab up the decomp lever.

that may solve how to activate a decompression lever

but now he needs a whole new means to add a decompression method  to the motor



I also wonder why mine is virtually silent ?

I have an XRL with a kicker and manual decomp. I used a valve cover, cable and lever off of an XR600R. The lever is mounted on the bar inboard of the clutch lever cluster. Works just fine. I ran a decomp lever off of a DR (I think it was a 350) that I found in a boneyard for a bit until I found the proper XR lever. I looked for a cluster that would be able to accommodate the choke and decomp with little success. Here's a thread that might help:


You can also probably run the decomp with the choke lever, but you'll then be chasing a solution for the choke. Unless you run an FCR with the manual plunger choke...

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Thanks Big Red I will look into those particular bikes.

Zimman, I have the valve cover with the decomp lever along with the rest of the donor engine from an XR600R. I'm not sure why but some of the auto decomps on the cam start making noise even with low miles. My OEM cam was a brand new and started making noise after a few thousand miles.

Red do you have hand guards with that setup? The lever I have looks almost 3" long and like it won't work with hand guards. I checked out that thread and it mention a hot start lever which looked pretty trick. I guess I have to get an fcr carb to go with my kickstart mod.

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at that point I would be asking how bad I wanted a kick start  LOL


but good luck

Pics tell it all




Here is somthing from its a hot start relocation kit that puts it on right side. If you put my 24v starting system on it you dont need kickstarter.LOL


Thats a good fit. I may just keep it simple, use what I have and down the road when I get an FCR carb I will consider a lever setup from an XR650R. Thanks for the input

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Here is somthing from its a hot start relocation kit that puts it on right side. If you put my 24v starting system on it you dont need kickstarter.LOL

Batteries are useless when they're dead. I followed Reds links and that hot start lever popped up. It looks really cool but I don't think it has enough travel to pull the decomp lever on the valve cover enough. Thanks

I'm using a CRF perch's hot start lever to control the demcomp, and it works fine.

Bicycle brake levers for fit 7/8 dirtbike bars. There are many, many different styles to choose from and the decomp cable is small enough that it should fit most all of them. Mountain bike brake levers may work better because you can get some shorter ones and they may or may not have a rubber cover/hood to keep the cable and pivot cleaner.


You can get levers that have two piece clamp so you don't have to remove the clutch lever or grip.




Do you have any pics Heart Of Darkness?

Onederer that is a great idea, I'll search around for something and see what I can find. I do have fat bars though, but judging from the previous pictures it doesn't look like a problem. That mission lever is nice. Thanks

Do you have any pics Heart Of Darkness?


I don't, but most modern 4 stroke clutch perch assemblies are largely the same.  A standard clutch lever with a small lever on top using the same pivot.  The small lever is usually used for a hot start (or sometimes a choke), but the XR's decomp cable fits well enough.  Look at ThumpinRed's picture above; the perch is the same configuration.

I'm using a CRF perch's hot start lever to control the demcomp, and it works fine.

Then the Dr D hot start would give a trick setup

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