motor dies, and sounds like starter kicks off.

Quite often the motor on the my DRZ dies, usually when coming to a stop, but also when the bike is left idleing. The motor doesn't drop off and die, or have a weak idle. Each time it dies I hearwhat sounds like the sarter, whenit dies I hear a noise like the starter disengageing or perhaps hanging. There are no unusual noices while running, but always when it dies there is a noise kind of like a mechanical release it's hard to explain the sound. But any sort of idea what might be causing it??

Raise the idle a bit to see if it stops it stalling, the starter noise you are hearing is the torque limiter or sprag clutch, normal noise. Don't worry about it.

set your idle to 1800rpm.....a tickle with the fuel screw may be may need to turn it out a tad...


use eddie's well documented procedure......

1800 idle is to high isn't it????? I like a low tick over.

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