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WR426F vs WR250R vs KLX250S

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Just curious. Doing some shopping around for the lightest single track trail bike I can find that's street legal. It would spend very little time on the street, just a dirt bike with tags. Mostly a part time bike for me without having to use the truck to get it to the trails, and a spare bike for guests. Shorter would be better, but not a killer, I can always shave the seat or lower it.


My understanding is that the KLX250S is the most underpowered of the bunch, and the worst suspension etc.  Around here they're running $3000 to $3500. According to Motorcycle usa  the 2013s are 297lbs wet.


WR250R seems like it's better than the KLX, faster, better suspended, fuel injected etc. $4,000 to $5,000 here. More than I want to spend. 295lbs wet.


There's a 2002 WR426F here locally for $3000. Bikez website claims it only weighs 269lbs wet. That seems really low, I wonder if they're accurate? They claim 47HP out of it. If their specs are right that makes it the lightest and most powerful of the bunch.


Anyone have any experience with these bikes? Or any known problems?









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That weight is probably about right for the wr 426 depending on what extras it has... My yz with wr lights etc and desert tank weighs just over 270 wet. The 426 engine is pretty beast and incredibly reliable. Never experienced the other two bikes.

I would say the wr400/426/450 is one of the best bikes around for being able to drive it to the trails, fool around all day then drive home on the bike without worrying about it breaking down.

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