Cleaning the outside of an engine block

Hey Guys


What is the best way to clean the outside of an engine block to make it all shiny again, well not shiny but just clean and newish.

The one I've got looks really old, the cylinder head is not too bad but the cylinder itself and the engine case look pretty grubby. Looks a bit rusty too.


Sprayed some brake cleaner on it and it didn't do much?



Sand blast it if you're going to paint it or coat it with something.  Bead blast it if you want brand new looking metal.   

Try using simple green at full strength and a bristle brush. Then rinse.

Spray on simple green then scrub with a toothbrush.  Rinse and repeat :ride:

Obsessive compulsive at times, but drink beer, wash bikes and boy do they shine!

Cool guys thanks :thumbsup:

Don't have Simple Green here but we Clean Green which I assume is the same type of stuff.

Cleaning agent - check, brush - check, elbow grease - check, Clean engine - check............What did I forget??? Oh shucks - beer :cheers:

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