YFZ 450 Head


So I have been working on a 05 yfz 450, and found out the head is bad. Looked and checked cylinder and compression and that is all good. The exhaust cam basically dug into the journal on the head itself, had to trim journal just to get the buckets and shims out. I am going to get a complete new head for Trinity Racing that's ported and polished, but I would like to know if when I go to put it back together if I should get a new intake cam also, or just worry about the exhaust. The intake cam was still shimmed in spec, but the exhaust was all messed up. I am planning on new valves, and spring kit also. But do I need to spend the money and get a new intake cam also? Any help would be great, Thanks.

How jacked up is the cam surface? Part that sits in the journal? That has to be smooth for a proper running machine.

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