2006 Honda CRF450R Fall Refresher

Hey all,


So, living in Florida has me amped up to get riding. It's typically too hot and muggy in the summer time to ride, plus I'm traveling. With that said, I'm done traveling now, so I thought it'd be cool to give my 2006 CRF450R a refresher and have her ready to rock next weekend. I thought some before and after pics would be the right thing to do.


To-do/buy list:

change oil (Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w40)

change trans oil (Bel-Ray Thumper Gear Saver transmission oil)

change radiator fluid (Engine Ice)

new filter (No-Toil)

new grips (Renthal)

new graphics (One industries Trace World Championship graphics)

new rear tire (Dunlop MX-31)

radiator braces (Works Connections)

full suspension revalve with new springs (Penske Racing)


Before pic: 



After - Soon to come after I get the suspension back on and install graphics. Should be by Thursday this week.

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