What's up with them?  The last 3 I bought new all kinked up and where very stiff for a long time.  Do they make em differently?  Do I need to soak them before installing?  What about new bikes..same thing.

Maybe it's a good thing, not sure.  I'd rather them be relaxed.

Did you ever lube them?

Did you ever lube them?

I never have that happen to my chains, and I lube every ride. My buddy does not take the time to lube his chain and it looks like your explaining.

Maybe you're not washing the mud off them? I sometimes leave a chain dirty, and it gets all stiff..

Nope, gets washed after every ride and lubed, but really it's about brand new chains.  I'm talking chains right out of the box!


Chains are packed in grease.  Not sure if that's what is making them so stiff or they just need to be broken in.  Do you guys soak them before installing?

Is it a no-ring chain? I know if you use o-ring chains and lube them with WD-40 the seals will swell and cause the links to bind.

One of the best methods I used to use when I raced was to take the chain off, drop it in a bucket of oil, let it sit for a couple hours. Air bubbles will seep out of the links as it all gets lubed up. Then hang it from a hook above the bucket and let the oil run off. Let it hang there until your ready to ride. It's best to let it hang at least over night. That way you don't have oil spraying off the chain when riding.

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