08 Kx250f no spark Need Help

Recently I changed plastics, throttle cables and suspension on my bike and now i'm having a problem. Before I took everything apart it ran great and it only has 20-25 hrs on it. I did not touch any wires or anything electronic while changing parts but now it will not start and there is no spark, I changed plugs and disconnected the kill switch but nothing changed. I noticed some of the wires are frayed a little next to the tank but they are not grounded to anything so that shouldn't affect it i guess. Could the stator or cdi or anything have just gone bad even when its just sitting there. Any help on this would be great so i could order what I need to be able to ride this upcoming weekend. 

If you have a ohm meter you should check for continuity on the wires from the connector to the stator / cdi box. Make sure they are all showing good connection. sometimes a wire looks fine but there is a break in it inside the insulation. If all ok, check main ground , coil ground etc. Also pay attention to the connector plugs. be sure there is no wires pulled out of where they make contact in the plug, also look for corrosion or mud etc.

Everything was tested and checked and then we figured out that it was the stator that went bad. Thank you for the advice and I'm glad we got it figured out. It was driving me crazy

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