Gearing help

I am running a 12 tooth on the transmission and a 50 tooth on the rear wheel on a 1.1 mile track it screams in 3rd gear but lugs in 4th it's a suzuki 250 2 stroke I am not sure if I need to go up or down in sprocket teeth any suggestions would be great

Do you want more or less power?

I would like to be able to run in 4th and not lug down

if it lugs w/ gearing that low then I think there is a problem, maybe top end time?

I agree

K it's running a Wisco ultra lite piston so maybe time for some rings and a new gasket set then is that all that needs replacing or is there more than that?

That's probably all

what year RM is it?  usually 3rd & 4th are pretty close together. Whats' the plug colour like? 


Personally I'd stick a 13 on the front & try riding it, look at the jetting and do a compression check. 

It's a 1992 rm250 2stroke I am running 125 psi on the compression gauge is that good or bad?

Let me correct that the compression test was 152 psi and held for a while

152 psi is really good I usually rebuild at 120. Did you hold the throttle wide open when you kicked?

Yep sure did

What color is your spark plug?

It's a little dark but not to bad

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