little different power band?

I know it's comparing apples to oranges but I just bought a new 2013 kx450 and first impressions is I love it.  The suspension is so good and forgiving compared to my 2011 RMZ450, although the zuki is setup for a pro motocross rider.  Ok the zuki has alot of low end power, I can put it and lug it in third around corners and it comes out to speed so good.  Now the KX doesnt lug as good.  Can I get more low end so I can lug it more?  I was thinking an extra tooth on sprocket but not too sure.

Did you try changing the engine map? Either with the plug or else a reprogram. That should do the job.


Failing that, and assuming you like your final gearing, you could consider the more aggressive 2012 intake cam.

didn't want to really did into the motor.  just love how I can really lug the rmz around.  I haven't tried anything yet, this was the very first ride on it.  I can try the other maps though, but I actually might get the tokyo mods remap.

Get a pro circuit power band. Makes all the difference in the world.

HUH what is that, an exhaust?

I went 13/52 combo and I love it. Pulls good in third and fourth, lose a little speed in fifth but that little extra grunt in 3/4 is worth it.

I went 13/52 combo and I love it. Pulls good in third and fourth, lose a little speed in fifth but that little extra grunt in 3/4 is worth it.

What year model engine? Is there much speed variation in a lap of the tracks you ride at?

My home track is sand with some big heavy berms so it just pulls way better through them. like I say 'm in fifth I lose a little speed but regardless 5th gear tapped youre still movin! I ride hardpack in summer and most tracks I can ride in two gears if I want.

sorry 2013 model

pavetim, I think my first reply above could be your ticket. If the remap doesn't give your 13 model more off the bottom and so wider speed range out of each gear, then try the 2012 intake cam.  It's only $100 so it's much cheaper than any exhaust and probably much more effective anyway. I think the 2010 uses the same intake cam as the 2012. Check the part numbers. Easy to swap a cam.

So a 2012 intake cam and remap for a 2012?

Thought you had a 2013. If you have a 2013, then yes, do that. Get the 2012 intake cam, and get the 2012 mapping programmed into your 2013, and use the aggressive map plug. Then your 13 will feel more like a well tuned 06 or 07 off the bottom, or the 10. They are all barky and abrupt. Good for giggles but plain hard work if you ask me.


About cams. Check the part numbers.


I put the 2013 (=2011) intake cam in my 06, and it gave me more progressive roll on power off the bottom. I love it, because I was always trying to tame down my 06. I have the Vortex X10 CDI, with the 2013 cam I can use a more aggressive spark map. My new favourite spark map is 6 when it used to be 4 (or less). 

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