Why does new kawi pop?

I noticed on my new 20130 kx450 and on other guys too that it pops when you let off throttle, why does it do that from the factory?

Maybe different elevation from where it was built assuming its carburated?

Popping is a lean condition. You may have to remap it.

  • Yea was looking into tokyo mods remap.  I read its like that from the factory.

If thers no sealant on the end exhaust cap wer the rivets go in that could be your problem my bros did it bad and the dealer sed it was becouse ther was no sealent so it was sucking to much air in or summit along those lines he sorted it and now it dsnt do it no wer near as much ;)

Ill check that out.

My 13 pops on decel, but it's not backfiring. Popping on decel is normal as long as it's not excessive or backfiring.

I have about 3 hours on my 13 now, and I also notice an occasional popping on decel, but not enough to hurt anything.  Mostly just annoying.  My 12 kx did not do this, I think Kawasaki may have changed the mapping a little to much.  Honestly, I like the 12 motor a little better, it pulls a little stronger off the bottom and the mapping seems perfect on that bike. 

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Ya rite there mate mines the 12 and my bro has the 13 and ya can def tell the difference between them 12 is a lot stronger ;)

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