how to tell if you need a front tire

so i am looking at my front tire and was thinking it looks good, but is it? so whats a good rule of thumb for front tire life, and whats a good front tire for sandy michigan trail riding? thanks

when I'm missing most of the knobs

The majority of people in Michigan seem to run the Michelin S-12s, front and rear (including me).  Another tire I am beginning to see a lot is the Dunlop Geomax MX-31s.  It mostly comes down to personal preference, and I am sure there will be quite a few more opinions regarding their favorite tires.

cool thanks. and i also got a pinch flat too.

I have been using the mx 51's for two years. This weekend for the first time I tried the pirellis mid hard 554.

Best tire I've ever tried. Very good in soft conditions. But the best came on the 2nd race. When the racetrack started to be really nasty after 4 hours of nonstop races.

This tire had a fantastic response. And the front kept going where it had to. From now on I'll use pirelli.

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