athena cylinder kits

i was looking around for cylinder kits for my 03 yz125 and found an athena kit that comes with the complete cylinder, piston and gaskets for $500 and was wondering if athena is a good product. thanks

Ive had one on my 05 yz 125 and it worked great for me, but depending on your preference since it moves a lot of the power to midrange rpm and takes away some of your top end.

I've heard that the Athena 144 kit for the Husky 125 is a really good unit. Only hearsay though.

Saw tons of athena's 144 kits that constantly ate head gaskets on the 05+ yz 125's so i'd imagine the same for the prior years. Better off sending it to eric gorr and getting it ported to your liking and squish set to the fuel you will be running as well as the big bore.

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From what I have read most of those kits need port work to make them run as when they bore it the transfers and boost/intake port drop 3-4mm low and you end up porting it anyways. IMO i would have a 144 BB made. Read through the link on the 144 BB.  (Click on 2 stroke)

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