What tools do I need for a full fork rebuild?

I wanna do my fork rebuild myself but what tools will I need?

Forks are fairly intensive and shouldnt be taken lightly.  With that being said they are easier to do than engine work.  What you would need is a socket for the bottom fork and a fork cap remover, as  a fork bullet is nice to have but packing tape works fine.  And then you need some thing to hold the fork rod, and a seal driver.  Most the tools you can improvise.  Its nice to have the right tools, but is not needed.

A socket set, and the proper fork cap wrench. You can make your own driver out of PVC pipe, and just use duct tape and waterproof grease to slip seals over lower leg without ripping them instead of buying a bullet thing. The proper tools are nice but an absolute necessity. If its a newer SFF fork you need a spring compressor, I dont think it would be worth it to even try without one. Havent opened up the air forks on my newest bike yet so cant comment on those.

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