rmx 250 leaking gas

so my dad's carb is leaking gas whenever the gas is on...we took it apart and checked the float and the seals and they all look fine...i ran water through the float with the bowl off and it seemed like it worked fine...well i put it back on and it still leaks gas any ideas?

Take the floats off and there will be a little button with a wire clip. Take the wire clip off and you will have the piece in your hand that gave my dad the same problem. Ours was all worn down and had a point and then a flat spot that wasn't supposed to be there. We changed that with one off of our skidoo and it is great now. Good Luck.

This is not an RMX problem but a general carb problem. The float(s) may be hanging up on the side(s) of the bowl. Check the inside of the bowl for marks where the float is rubbing. If it is then carefully bend it inward, towards the center.


If this is not the case then operate the float by hand moving it though its travel, paying attention to hangups. When moving it though its travel, pay attention to the plunger - does it move freely? If not, then those parts need replaced or were not inserted with caution. Disassemble and reassemble, paying a close eye on and exercising free travel.

My instructions were solution to the second problem place last described. It happened on my dads kdx 175

Thanks guys...Liam that part you described doesnt have any flat spots. I will take it back apart this weekend and look to see if the floats hang up on the bowl. once again thanks. If anyone has anything else to add feel free.

That's good. The floats must be hanging up somewhere then

Yah...like i said ill take it back apart this weekend and update then

floats hanging up,my does the same thing from sitting too much.

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