Rear brake issues

I had the opportunity to do a track day over the weekend (1st one in 21 years!) and discovered some issues with the rear brake.  It seems to be locking up easily, and the pedal seems to ride too high for me. It is about the same height as the footpeg or slightly higher. 


I tried to adjust it down, but am apparently out of adjustment after barely moving it . Also, there is a half inch of play or so in the brake lever. Any ideas for fixes?


I looked over the whole braking system and discovered that I have a bent rear disc as well, so I'm sure this was most of the locking problem, but I still need to change the lever position.


Any recommendations for a new disc? Throw some new pads in while I am at it? Best pads for the rear?


Bike is an '07 YZ250... Thanks!   

Personally, I prefer the stock OEM pads. They always seem to have the best stopping power and the most "feel" to them also.

I ended up buying a tusk racing wave rotor for the back, but have yet to pick up the pads.  The rotor looks great - can't wait to get it on and try things out. 


Still clueless about the lever though...

Undo the clevis pin and adjust the threaded rod lower the lever.

And just remember, with your previously bent rotor, the pads would get pushed back away from the disc whenever the "high side" came into contact with them each revolution. Then when you tried to apply the brakes, you get nothing, until the "high side" makes contact again, which can easily be causing your brakes to lock up. I think you'll find that with a straight rotor and new pads, your adjustments to the pedal will work just fine.

Thanks guys!

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