94 kx125 issues please help

so i took the shifter kart out for the first time today to shake it down a bit and see if it has any issues.. well it does, i need some help on where to start to fix these problems. 

 issue #1 through some about half of the track from low to mid RPM range it would feel like my foot was bouncing on the gas pedal but i assure you that it was not. i tried changing the carb and crimping the cap on the spark plug but nothing worked.

issue #2 oil in the radiator and water in the bottom end. 

issue #3 oil leaking out of the power valve cover. 


im not sure if some of these problems are interlinked or not.. please help, thanks

Most likely the waterpump seal for the oil/water problem. Clutch may be slippin or an airleak developing. Any history on the engine, rebuild, pressure test, etc?

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I don't have n e history on it.... I wish I did... I fired it on the stand a few times and never noticed n e issues... but once I put a load on it on and took a few laps it started acting up

You need to do all the basics then. Compression test, pressure test, check reeds, do a top end, etc.

Lol the acctual owner is gonna be excited lol...

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