2006 KX 250

Hi All


I just bought a 2006 (Still need to confirm the year so might be an 05) KX 250 after 6 years of not owning a bike so im rusty in terms of maintenance and skill to say the least! :p


Unfortunately the bike did not come with a service manual and i am a bit confused as to where the rebound and compression clickers are on the front forks. On my old CRF 450 compression was on the top and rebound was on the bottom but after doing some searching regarding the 06 Kwaka i cant get a clear answer. 


I dont want to mix them up for obvious reason :)


If anyone could spread some light i would be very grateful!





Twin chamber forks Compression on top and rebound bottom.

Thanks Motion :)


Twin chamber forks are on models from 05 onwards aren't they? I know my KX is no older than an 05 so its safe to say they are Twin chamber forks?



06 KX250 has wave rotors, brown triple clamps and both high/low speed adjustment on the shock.

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