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Bike for Mongolia

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Hello Riders,


I have been hunting bikes for far too long now. Fortunately, I rented a local XT250 while I was looking, and now I just might buy it. Okay, there are 3 bikes available to me locally (Ulaanbaatar) at this point. 

1. 2007 Yamaha XT250 

2. ???? (2008) Honda Baja 250  http://www.unegui.mn/ads-286-1358550-ognoo1-a,1.html

3. 2004 Yamaha WR250F


I am new to dual sporting. I only know that I want a bike I can pick up without help when I'm out alone (hence the 250cc). I will upgrade the rear spring of whatever I get to accommodate my weight (300 lbs). I will also make it long-distance capable. I'd like to be able to take it far out of the city, so I'll need to either buy a bigger tank or carry gas cans.




Bayrlaala (Thanks)




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Can't realy suggest anything, but I must warn you, that Honda Baja is not 2008, in fact it might as well be 1988, but probably around 1991, those Hondas were too much reliable, so they are still alive, but if someone touched the engine with their vile hands they might be pita to restore, always spitting oil from everywhere and having ignition wires cut somewhere. Has as much low end torque as the 250cc can ever have if alive.

WR250F, probably is 2004, requires high octane gas, oil changes every 500-1000km, piston change at around 10000-20000km, valves replacement every 20000km, otherwise it may fall off by itself any moment (up to 15000km more), absolutely no low end anything, good at high rpms, light, nimble, the suspension is better than on many 650s

XT250 good reliable bike, might be 2007, but it doesn't matter that much, good gas milage, simple 2 valves, ~22hp crank engine, good for beginers

Any of less than 400cc will be slow with your weight and if you want any luggage with you it will be even slower and a little harsh on engine, but if it's your first bike ever it's ok.

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Here is a closer photo of the Honda Baja  :)





Kickstarter only

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