Noob DR600S cdi-box question



I´m new to this forum and still trying to find answers without doubleposting questions which have already been answered so please do not flame me if i accidently do.

Anyway, I just bought a 1989 Suzuki DR600S which has no spark. I have so far ruled out the sparkplug, the sparkplug wire and the ignition coil so now I have come to the conclusion that it is most likely the cdi-box that has broken. After searching the good old ebay i´ve found various cdi-boxes for the DR600 and the DR650, and my question is if someone in here knows the itemnumber of the cdi-box i need? Or if all of the cdi-boxes for DR600 and 650 can be used on my bike?




Have you checked the stator?  Drain the oil (or lay the bike down on its side) and remove the cover, then take the stator off and check for burnt wires on the underside of it.  I had a DR600 and I bought a few stators until I found one good enough to repair and use, its a pretty common fault on them.  Search my posts, I'm sure I've put some photos up in the past on the issue...

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