Which has more power?

Which bike has more power, an XR400 or a WR250F?

More power for what?  They are probably pretty similar in HP numbers, but the 400 will have a lot more low end grunt.

A WR is a high reving race bike. A WR is a big heavy tourquey race bike. Peak horsepower might be around the same and maybe even similar in a lot of other numbers but one is a lightweight, trail tuned mx bike and the other is a dinosaur that's easy to work on, tough and reliable.

To get a true comparison you would have to run them back to back on the same dyno. But... A little Internet searching shows the XR probably generates just shy of 25 HP at the rear wheel and signs off before 5000 rpm. The usable "power band" of the XR is about 3000 rpm (1500 rpm - 4500 rpm). The WR generates just a little more HP but it produces it over a much broader rpm range and it signs off around 11,000 rpm. The usable "power band" on the WR is about 5000 rpm (5500 rpm - 10,500 rpm). I did not look for torque numbers but I would guess the XR produces more torque, but again, it produces torque over a narrower range. In seat of the pants riding the power band of the XR will feel nearly as wide as the WR's because it is rather slow to rev compared to the WR.


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Both of them have enough power to get you in trouble and/or hurt yourself.

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