Crf 150f modifications

Alright so I've been thinking lately about getting a new 'play bike'. I was considering an ssr pitbike of some sort but I just can't trust the chinese bikes. So my current play bike is an 06 crf 150f. I have some mods in mind but I would like some advice to give it some more power and make it even more fun to romp around on. I already put some renthal bars on it and an fmf exhaust. I'm going to also get the power up jet kit and a k&n air filter. My one big concern is weight. The bike is really heavy. What's the best way to cut the weight down? I also am going to do the cr 85 suspension swap.

Go to the "" website for many performance options to add to your wish list.

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Sweet site. I'm also going to get the power up jet kit from crfs only. I'm not sure if I'm going to put a big bore on it though.

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