Exhaust help, CRF230F, stock vs pro circuit t4?

Hey everyone,


I bought a used and mistreated crf230f (2004) the other day and am hard at work on getting it back to where it should be so I can have some fun on this thing.  It

needs a lot but mostly just wrench time.


The exhaust is completely trashed, The muffler looks like it has been slammed and has several holes/slits in the side of it. The header is functional but is missing the

heat shield and is eat up with rust...



I've been looking for a stock exhaust setup to no avail, and it looks like I will just have to bite the bullet and go for an aftermarket setup.... $$$$$$$$$$.  The cheapest

thing I can find is a ProCircuit (header and muffler) for about $270.  I'm just concerned that this thing will be a "cannon" and super loud.  Does anyone else

out there have any experience with this or know of another exhaust setup I need to look at ?


I'm guessing I will not see any increase in power from an "uncorked" stock one to this one? Hoping for no loss of low end or such?  I am familiar with the jetting on

the 230 and already have my carb setup for either pipe.


Many thanks!



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I remove my stock exhaust and purchased the Pro Circuit t4 and highly recommend it. It is not a cannon, it has a really good sound and only gets loud when you really jump on it.

Which I like, it has a good ring to it.


Only down fall is it has no USFS rating on it. Mine doesn't anyway.

All it has is a bunch of stickers that say race proven for full racing. I peeled all of those off because I do alot of riding in the US forest.


I haven't had any problem with any rangers or law inforcement when riding in the US forest system YET. I haven't had them check my exhaust.

That's why I removed the stickers, then it's their guess and my word if it ever gets questioned.


It has a legit spark arrester but no USFS rating.


Also I bought mine online for $230.00 new. Shop around.


Here's pic with the stickers on it.





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Thanks for the info, I'm looking around now to see what I can get it for. 


I read that they had a quiet core insert for it? Any ideas on that?

I haven't done any research on any different cores.


It does say you have to repack it every so many hours, the packing gets burnt out. Which I haven't had to do yet, mine is pretty much new.


With re jetting and adding the T4 it really gave the bike a boost.



Thanks for taking the time on this Tom.


I just ordered a new T4, Will repost on what I think about it.

Not a problem.


Alot of people on here run that pipe. I have no complaints with it at all.


Torque the flange nuts cold, fire up the bike and re torque hot. That will take care of any possible exhaust leak at the head.


It's a good looking pipe! Ride on....

120 main and when I put on the pro circuit pipe I went up to a 48 pilot.

Thanks confederate. I just got my pro circuit pipe delivered yesterday. Hoping it fits properly with no issues..

I bought a stock header from my dealer for a very reasonable price and had a FMF Q4 slip-on on it. The Q4 was awesome and not that loud at all. No jetting changes or anything.

Make sure you remove the baffle from the top of the air box under the seat for sufficient breathing ability.

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