Loretta Lynn trail ride anyone?

I have to brag a bit...sorry. I did the LL trail ride this weekend. OK, no big deal you say? How about doing the poker run....on a KTM 990 Adventure? :) Yup, that was me. The bike is a beast! The uphills were no problem at all. The downhills, well they were another story altogether. But we both survived. Not sure I will do it again but it was fun.

Oh and to keep it "topical", the old 520 did great. The single track sections were awesome!! This 520 has been the best bike ever.

I rode LL when it was part of the AMA Nat D/S series. One of the best rides out there. Right up there with Renfro Valley, imo.


Glad that 990 didn't hurt you!!  LOL.



There's been lots of different rides there. Suzuki DS, VSTA, SWR, GNCC, ISDE Qualifiers.

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