Cold blooded!

So last time I had a chance to ride was two weeks ago. Back then the high was 80f. I rode yesterday and the temp was 45! Anyway what I noticed was it took my XR about 5 minutes to warm up enough to ride with no choke or being careful how fast I turned the throttle. I guess I'd rather have a cold blodded bike than one that overheats.

Typical Honda. All I've owned were like that. If it was real cold out it would need to run on choke for a few minutes before it would idle well even with the pumper. Started easier with pumper and would stay running much better with choke on, but still took a while to warm up.

Maybe you could try a bigger pilot jet, it could also work good when hot.


I guess I'd rather have a cold blodded bike than one that overheats.


If you have the jetting on the richer side, it will overheat less.

These are not modern engines with MAS flow sensors and adaptive electronic fuel injection.   Older carbureted cars had systems to feed hot air from the exhaust manifold to warm the intakes until the engine was fully warmed up.    


These primitive old bikes need a warm intake to run correctly with their fixed jetting.  They don't have a warm-up system.

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