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XR650R forks

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Thought I would tell of me experience with modifying my front forks. I looked through the site www.borynack.com/XR650R.htm, a good lot of knowledge there, and went into my own forks, wanting them to be a bit better in rocks and rough stuff. Stock they are pretty stiff and punishing in rocks, roots, and such. I decided to simply drill out my compression valve, as shown in the borynack site, using a 9/64 drill. I left the valve stack alone. I filled the forks with BelRay 2.5wt oil, to 115mm air chamber. I'm a 210 lb guy, I ride less than race pace, but am not beyond going fairly fast through ditches, over wash outs, and off ledges. These forks are very much improved, more than I thought possible with this one simple modification. Not only are they actually plush, the front wheel stays in touch with the ground so much more, it radically steers better. It no longer deflects off of rocks and roots, just eats everything up in it's path. And the bars no longer punish my arms and shoulders. Borynack recommends going up in valving, saying that bottoming is possible without, but I find that I now use most of the travel with little or no bottoming with stock shims. This is my experience with this fork fix, I'm sure there are many other fixes, you just gotta go with what you decide is the one for you.

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